Recent Arts~ Doodles

My schedule has been so crazy! Even more so then this last summer. It's a new year full of new challenges and decisions to make and I am super deep in school, a college writing class, violin, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, and everything else. I barely have time to get some art in. But in that "barely… Continue reading Recent Arts~ Doodles


Recent Arts ~ #2 Creativity Countdown Challenge

As I said, I would be drawing from my own head (hey, that rhymes!) My week of doodles and random art attacks....... This one is a demo drawing for a comic book story idea. I like how the kitty turned out. And that's all. I haven' drawn much these few weeks. I want to change… Continue reading Recent Arts ~ #2 Creativity Countdown Challenge


Countdown To Creativity~ 3 Month Challenge

1....2.....3......Go! It is time for more creativity. (at least for me anyways) I am now going to force myself to draw from my own head instead of looking at pictures or doing tutorials. I am going to come up with my own ideas for drawings, paintings,  and doodles for 3 months. I will show you… Continue reading Countdown To Creativity~ 3 Month Challenge