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College News & A Writing Contest

I'm at college now, and wow. It's been an adventure this past week. Classes start tomorrow and I'm really excited to jump into my music classes. With my major being a music ed degree, I just loaded up on fun music classes for the semester. They may be difficult but I'm glad that I have… Continue reading College News & A Writing Contest


Recent Arts ~ #2 Creativity Countdown Challenge

As I said, I would be drawing from my own head (hey, that rhymes!) My week of doodles and random art attacks....... This one is a demo drawing for a comic book story idea. I like how the kitty turned out. And that's all. I haven' drawn much these few weeks. I want to change… Continue reading Recent Arts ~ #2 Creativity Countdown Challenge


Countdown To Creativity~ 3 Month Challenge

1....2.....3......Go! It is time for more creativity. (at least for me anyways) I am now going to force myself to draw from my own head instead of looking at pictures or doing tutorials. I am going to come up with my own ideas for drawings, paintings,  and doodles for 3 months. I will show you… Continue reading Countdown To Creativity~ 3 Month Challenge